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Students love J.R.'s Driving School because the instruction is solid but it's also fun. Driving instructor Janet Bedard provides students with the knowledge and experience to be good drivers while maintaining the attention of students and keeping the classroom environment upbeat and interesting. Sean Reynolds is the instructor for RI.


Read what several students have to say about their personal experience at J.R.'s Driving School.

Mike F. photograph"I did my classroom hours with Janet in August, 2010. They went from 8am to 3pm. It seems like a long 5 days, but the classes are very interactive and supplemented with a plethora of videos. Throughout the day we were given three to four breaks to eat a snack or lunch. The office is very conveniently located in a small plaza with a 7/11 three stores down.


The driving times I did were great! Janet never yells but rather instructs us with much authority and is very friendly about it. I never knew that parallel parking could be so easy! Janet seems to have strategies and answers to any question a student has. She is very knowledgeable but is never condescending with the way she explains things! I give J.R.'s a 10 out of 10 stars! 


P.S. The prices are TERRIFIC also!"


-Mike "The Best Driver Ever" Fuhrman

Abbie photograph"I attended J.R.'s Driving School. The classes are affordable and fun. During Classroom classes we watch numerous videos about the precautions of driving and how it's a serious matter. Janet makes it easy to pay attention and really learn about driving and everything that goes along with it. Many kids try to procrastinate going to classes but they shouldn't; it goes by very quickly. 


When you go out for driving time, Janet is very patient with you. She lets you keep trying 'til you succeed. Observing isn't bad either. It might seem scary with another student driver at first but you learn so much watching others drive instead of experienced drivers. You will graduate driving school knowing everything you'll need to hit the road."


-Abbie Bertone

"I went to J.R.'s Driving School and at first I admit it was just like any other day school. However, that wasn't the case as we got later into the week. Janet (our driver's Ed teacher) was letting us watch videos that completely changed my perspective on driving. After she introduced us to the video, Red Asphalt, I was aware that driving is no game and you have to take it very seriously. Even though we were learning about serious stuff, Janet brought in a recently retired science teacher who taught our class for a day. He brought in a lot of hands-on activities that had to do with balance and vision. Janet made a class that's thought of to be boring and dry into a class that I didn't mind coming to and I would leave everyday having learned something new. "


-Sabrina Kupiec

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