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Photo of Janet BedardJanet Bedard graduated high school in Toledo, OH and attended college at CCRI, majoring in Business Administration.  She became a driving instructor in 1988 and opened her own driving school, known as J.R.'s Driving School in 1993. Janet was employed by CVS/pharmacy corp as a Customer Relations Rep since 1991 recently retiring after 20 years of service. She attended the Driver Ed course at CCRI in 1993 to receive her certification to open what is now known as J.R.'s Driving School. Janet maintained the Driving School for 18 years while still employed by CVS. She then became certified to teach Driver Education in MA in 2003 and is one of the only ones to be certified and licensed in 2 states (MA & RI) simultaneously for the Driver Education program. Since retiring from CVS, Janet is dedicating 100% of her time to J.R.'s Driving School, which she is very passionate about.

Photo of Charlie BedardCharlie Bedard graduated from High School in Norwood, MA and earned a Bachelor's Degree from Northeastern University.  He has been a licensed driving Instructor in RI since opening J.R.'s Driving School in 1993 and has been certified by MA since 2003. Charlie is also one of the only ones to be certified in 2 states as a driving instructor. Currently, a full time employee for the State of RI, he teaches students how to drive on nights and weekends. Charlie attended the Driver Ed Course at CCRI to obtain certification to become a Driving Instructor/Educator.

Photo of Tony NiroAntonio (Tony) Niro is a Retired Science School Teacher/MA . He is certified by CCRI as a Driver Education Educator. Tony brings to class a vast knowledge of the dynamics of kinetic energy, centrifugal force, laws of motion, etc. that is needed to understand the workings of the vehicles. Whether it be from engine combustion, dry/wet road conditions, collisions, etc., he demonstrates the knowledge behind the dynamics. He has been a valuable asset to J.R.'s Driving School as as we take Driver Education a step further.




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